Sunday, 21 April 2013

If, If, If

If I miss you, can I tell you or not?
If I need you, can I ask you for help? No, I won't.
If I love you,will I wonder if you love me? But no, you don't.
If I messeged you, will you message me back? No, you won't.
If I tweeted you, will you reply? No, you lost all the meanings of fun.
If I told you look at the moon, will you look? No, now in your life there is only the sun.
If you ask about me after all this .. You'll find me .. But just done.


  1. عابني قوي قوي قوي قوي

    اللون البوستاج بتاع المدونة يا نيعوزي

    دا غير بقى الطريق المسدودون مسدودن يا ولدي اللي انتي بتقولي عليه في البوست دا :D

    ربنا يزيدك تفاؤل يا بنتي ^_^

  2. enty betetarya2y 3lya?!!enty aslan a5er wa7da tetkalemy 3an l tafa2ol .. allah yer7am mo3gezat :P