Sunday, 21 April 2013

If, If, If

If I miss you, can I tell you or not?
If I need you, can I ask you for help? No, I won't.
If I love you,will I wonder if you love me? But no, you don't.
If I messeged you, will you message me back? No, you won't.
If I tweeted you, will you reply? No, you lost all the meanings of fun.
If I told you look at the moon, will you look? No, now in your life there is only the sun.
If you ask about me after all this .. You'll find me .. But just done.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

And I will always love you ..... ♥

This day was made for me to tell you I love you mummy,
Every year this day comes beautiful and sunny,
This day was made for every mother like you,
Or especially for you,
Everyday I thank God creating the prettiest creature in this world,
When I count your favors I really cry cause I can't afford,
Can't afford giving you back half what you had given me,
When I look at your calm face I feel completely free,
Free from all the loads upon my head,
Believe me they quickly fade,
I'm sorry for this poem was quickly made,
But you know,
That in my veins your love will always flow.... ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, 28 January 2013

Remember ??!!

Remember each time I stood by your side,
And swore I'll continue with you till the end of the fight,

And kept thinking of you the whole night,
And see your name in the sky whenever I fly my kite,

But suddenly you just disappeared from my sight,
And left me up all night,
What did I do so you did hide, 

Do you know how much I suffered because of you until I died ???

Stop Stop Stop !!!!

Stop being so rude,
 You just break my heart and change my mood,
 Everytime I say hey dude,
 You just make me upset and never taste any food,
 Everytime you do so you change me into no good,
 I just lay on my bed crying putting on my hood ...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Haby Berzdaaay :P ...

Dear sis. ,
Now that you've turned seventeen,
You'll soon be no longer a teen,
Even if you think that's early,
You'll isa live all of your life happily,
With your Ardoody,
And with your Bol as long as you are Belly,
Don't think that's silly,
Cause I've been searching for a special present for you,
But I couldn't find anything as beautiful as you,
3o2bal kda lma nshoofk f beet 3adalek,
w b3deen nshoof 3eyalk,
w teegy tetloby mny 7aga 22olk wana fadyalk,
w troo7y l Bol y2olk roo7y el3aby b3eed ya shatra,
 w ew3y tensy t7oty l atra,
w ya reet teb2y te3'sely eedek b maya fatra,
3shan kol youm batls3 meet las3a w las3a,
Ana 3arfa n l 7war 2alab b r5ama,
Bs 3shan te3rafy n 2o5tek fananaa,
Bs msh bt7b l banana,
w shklha fel 2a5er htsht3'l sabaka,
Haby berzday bbz :P

Remember this day 4-11-2012
27tmal yeb2a zekra wla 7aga :P

From your Ardoody elly bt7bkkk <3 :P

Note: fel beet Me : Ardoodyy
                     Sister: Belly
                     Brother: Bol

Saturday, 27 October 2012

I'm free...

I love it when I feel free,
I count from one to three,
and go climbing the tree,
and watch the bee,
looking very busy,
to give us the honey,
and it's always very tasty,


No more laugh,
You didn't give me even the half,
And yes I care about this stuff...

Friday, 26 October 2012

I don't know...

I don't know why people act like this,
Just as if they don't know who the wrong one is,
I am just waiting for an apology,
Just to feel that grief is not my destiny....

You are unbelievable ...

I'm trying to be sociable but you insist to be the one who is unbelievable .....

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Never mind we'll find ... :P

For the ones who want to disappoint themselves,
You can go and watch the smurfs,
But our prom'll be better than anybody else,
You can just keep your beliefs for your self,
Or you can go to any other prom,
Or even stay at the place where you came from,
As for positive ones,
You can shoot others with guns,
I want to tell you I'm optimistic,
 Just never mind we'll find someone helpful... :P

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Someone ... :S

Someone that I know,
Doesn't talk to me although,
I don't know if I did something wrong,
I have been waiting so long,
But it seems as if I am waiting for myself,
And it also seems that I'll always be as the book on the shelf. :S

Friday, 14 September 2012

Emmm, A Post With No Title :S :S

 Actually I created this blog to post my poems in 
but lately i began to feel like a total idiot cause I
just put 5 or 6 poems and then there are spider
nets on the blog I still didn't decide which path
will I choose.

Bro, You Are No Longer A Teenager :D

Today from 20 years ago,
was born the best bro,
and 7 years passed also,
and I joined him and said hello,
and this day came to let me tell him ,

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Oh Ammar :D :D

Oh Ammar,
we've been waiting for you so far,
your parents left two and entered three in the car,
you've entered everybody's heart,
when you grow up you'll see more than one card,
congratulating your parents with your entrance,
in everybody's soul you've made a influence,
in everybody's life you've made a difference,
you've broken this fence,
you've woken up everybody's sense,
you've brought us an evidence,
that the world is full of happiness,
that the world isn't always so bad,
that the world isn't always so sad,
that we were so mad,
to think that we can't be happy even once,
it seems like you have brought oxygen to everybody's lungs,
you've shone many suns,
among everybody among us,
we have been expecting you for months,
this moment came suddenly,
now you have much fame in the family,
and everybody cried so happily,
and everybody sung so beautifully,
Oh Ammar,
we've been waiting for you so far...

Face to face with the thugs ...

Wael Ghoneim,
I didn’t know this name,
You didn’t want much fame,
The change was your only aim,
Before you our life was all the same,
We didn’t know our rights so we can claim,
Many people thought your work was all in vain,
But you showed us the way,
The way that we can say,
Now its time for you to collect the grain,
The love and appreciating from everybody,
Through twitter or facebook or even ebuddy,
You cleaned our brains after they were muddy,
We can’t tell you enough words,
But we hope to please you by moving forwards,
Now the cruelty has been murdered,
And all this grace and thanks to people like you,
I can’t also forget you Abd-El Rahman Mansour,
Thanks all of you,
You have changed us,
You have encouraged us,
To be with each other face to face with the thugs…

It was just a dream...

25th of Jan for me was a dream,
But also was a gleam,
It appeared to the system as a fleam,
Their pure sky soon went fuzzy,
At last the pharaoh stepped down,
We all laughed at him as if he was a clown,
We saw a yellow bight sun after it was brown…

I'm sorry mommy :(

I came to you with gifts in my hands,
and so kindly watered your plants,
and so gladly told you I love you mommy,
but now I feel myself as a mummy,
can't eat or drink or even be sorry,
why are you doing such a thing with me???
why does my mother ignore me???
I asked myself until one day came,
from that day I can always blame,
no one except me,
I knew then your life was all the same,
I couldn't look at your sweet eyes because of my shame,
but I used another way to apologise,
I went to all my friends and told them come with me,
come and save our mother from that dirty sea,
suddenly we saw all your sons and daughters among us,
we all went to one place,
it was the freedom's space,
a place will enjoy it's immortality,
we all cried '' the people want the regime down,
don't you feel yourself as a clown??''
although they were far but we saw those lights,
they were the freedom's lights,
we stayed there days and nights,
without being bored,
can we get bored of trying to get our own freedom???
can we forget our rights???
can we forget you 25th of Jan???
can we forget you tahrir square???
I'm sure we can not ...

I know you will be mine someday but I wonder how long will I stay...

This bullet came so near,
but I couldn't freeze it because of my fear,
but I was wounded from inside,
Leo come here ,
I cried,
please come and heal,
I found myself lying on the floor,
because you aren't my white lighter anymore,
I felt myself in a hole,
where my pain gets bigger much more,
but I found Dan,
I didn't have any plan,
he was pulling me out of this hole.
I saw everything as black as coal,
I knew Phoebe's feeling after Cole,
I can't do as Paige,
I can't open the first page,
to enjoy my past with you,
or do as Phoebe,
and call my future self,
I was afraid to know that I'll be as the book on the shelf,
I can't do as Prue,
to find a clue,
cast a spell to know what's true,
I just can't get through,
my future is scaring me,
and  your past is frightening me,
you just can't get in and out from my life,
I feel that in my heart there is a knife,
Prue told me follow your heart,
I want to write all this in a card,
I know you will be mine someday,
but I wonder how long will I stay...

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I waited for you in the rain but you never came ...

I waited for you in the rain,
but you never came,
I remember when I told you I care,
you replied I don't dare,
I said but that's unfair,
you said it's like a nightmare,
where the fair is unfair,
I said I love you sweetheart,
you said I must go fast,
I asked when will you be back,
I was waiting for you to tell me asap,
but you never replied,
I wondered when will I see you one more time,
I felt I've done a crime,
because I don't know where did you go,
I'm still in the place where you left me alone,
I remembered when I asked myself when will I get to the fight,
when my love leaves me at night,
Suddenly I heard some noise,
and it was your voice,
telling me some words,
saying that there is no hope,
I felt that I was wounded with a bullet that never came,
except my self I don't blame,
from that day my life is all the same,
I felt myself like a heroine in a sad ending romantic play,
it was the saddest moment in the world,
a moment that I can't afford,
I knew it was the end and it hurts,
but i never lost my hope even if you lost yours,
I waited again and again in the dark,
in the sky I saw a mark,
it was our lovely mark,
telling me go home,
but I still waited in the rain,
where you never came.